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Crafting the perfect cocktail is a work of art. At Rompe Mar, we take pride in our unique and carefully crafted cocktails, and our Perfect Serve is a true masterpiece. Among all our cocktails, our Perfect Serve stands out from the rest, not least thanks to the fascinating story behind it. 
As you may know, Pisco is a type of brandy made from grapes, and in Peru, there are eight recognized grape varieties that can be distilled into Pisco, each with its own distinctive flavour profile. However, this was not always the case. There used to be only seven approved grape varieties… The eighth and last variety – known as Uvina (which means little grape) to join the exclusive “pisco grapes family” was once considered the black swan of the Pisco world, to the dismay of producers who elaborated brandies from it but could not call their elixirs “pisco”. 
This extraordinary grape comes from our very own valley of Lunahuaná, and it can only be grown in two other neighbouring valleys. Despite its unique and exquisite flavour profile, it was as we mentioned, initially not accepted by the regulatory council of Pisco. Producers in other valleys of Peru did not have this specific grape and, perhaps, felt a twinge of jealousy. 
After much campaigning, the regulatory council finally approved the little black swan grape, and a grand celebration was held throughout our town and valley. We were thrilled to finally have this unique and remarkable grape recognized for its worth.
At Rompe Mar, we wanted to pay homage to the Uvina in our own way. What characterises Uvina is the distinctive olive notes it contains, giving it a unique taste profile. We have incorporated its soul into our Perfect Serve – which features black olives and brown sugar to bring out the distinct notes of olives. This blend rounds out the aromas and reinforces the flavour, creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience.
The Uvina is our valley’s rare and precious treasure. We invite you to try this extraordinary tasting and savour the rich history and unique flavour behind every sip. At Rompe Mar, we believe every ingredient counts, and our Perfect Serve is a testament to that belief.


60 ml of Rompe Mar Pisco

A few black olives

Brown sugar



Pour the pisco into a flute glass. Serve the olives on a tray and sprinkle them with the brown sugar.