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Rompe Mar cocktail Reyes on wood table with Monstera leaves and book


At Rompe Mar, we love a good cocktail story, and the tale of the Pisco Reyes is no exception. This unique cocktail was born during a trip to Machu Picchu when our founder and his Mexican friend decided to mix their favourite local drinks together. 

Little did they know that their impromptu creation would go on to become a beloved cocktail in its own right. The Pisco Reyes is made with Rompe Mar pisco and Ancho Reyes, a spicy and smoky liqueur made from green chile ancho peppers. The combination of these two ingredients creates a bold and flavourful cocktail that is sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

However, what is the story behind the name? In Mexico, friends often refer to each other as “Mi Rey” (My King), in an affective tone. The Pisco Reyes is a testament to the power of experimentation and the joy of discovering new flavour combinations.

At Rompe Mar, we proudly present the Pisco Reyes as part of our cocktail list. We invite you to try it for yourself and experience this one-of-a-kind drink’s bold and delicious flavours. Who knows? You might just feel like a king after your first sip.


60 ml of Rompe Mar Pisco

30 ml of Ancho Reyes Verde

One chile serrano

Mineral water

A large ice cube



Place the pisco, Ancho Reyes and some ice into the shaker and shake firmly. Place the ice cube into an Old Fasioned glass and pour the mix into the glass through the strainer. Garnish with a chile serano cut in half along the middle.