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Rompe Mar Pisco Sour cocktail with eggs and wood


The Pisco sour is a classic cocktail that has captivated many taste buds, but its origin story is equally captivating. Despite being made with a quintessentially Peruvian ingredient, the cocktail was actually invented by an American engineer, Victor Vaughen Morris, in 1904. Morris had been commissioned by a wealthy American tycoon, Alfred W. McCune, to construct the highest-altitude railway in the world, linking Lima, the capital of Peru, to Cerro de Pasco, the country’s second-largest city and a major mining hub.  

Upon successfully completing this ambitious project, Morris was tasked with organizing the inauguration party, which was attended by approximately 5000 people, including high society members, dignitaries, and businessmen. However, the event was almost marred by a critical whiskey shortage, the key ingredient in the popular whiskey sour cocktail. In a stroke of genius, Morris, a skilled bartender in his own right, mixed Pisco, a local spirit, with the ingredients used in the whiskey sour, resulting in the birth of the Pisco sour cocktail. The drink was an instant success, so much so that not a single drop was left by the end of the party. Morris, recognizing the potential of his new creation, returned to Lima and opened a saloon, where his invention gradually gained popularity and became Peru’s national drink.

The Pisco sour is now a celebrated beverage and a beloved national symbol, a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of its inventor. The intriguing story behind its conception highlights the intersection of engineering, mining, and bartending. It is a fascinating reminder of the unique and often unexpected ways in which inventions and traditions arise. So, the next time you sip a Pisco sour, consider the incredible story that brought this iconic cocktail to life.

Now that you know the fascinating history behind the Pisco sour, it’s time to try making one yourself! With just a few simple ingredients and a bit of shaking, you can enjoy this classic Peruvian cocktail in the comfort of your own home. Here’s our recipe for the perfect Pisco sour using Rompe Mar pisco


60 ml of Rompe Mar Pisco

1 egg white

30 ml of lime juice

30 ml of simple syrup

Angostura bitters




Place the pisco, egg white, lime juice, and simple syrup into a shaker and shake firmly. Add ice and shake again. Pour into an Old Fashioned glass through a strainer. Sprinkle a few drops of Angostura bitters on the foamy top.