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Founder & CEO 
What motivates you at Rompe Mar? It’s my first startup, and feels like my baby. Seeing it grow from being just an idea in my head to something real. 
 Favourite pisco cocktail? Pisco Negroni. 
What do you like to do in your free time? First and foremost, I’m a huge music fan. After music, scuba-diving, sailing, flying, hiking and the outdoors. All kinds of sports, ceramics, reading, traveling, photography, and family time (we’re 6 siblings and it’s tons of fun). And then of course preparing suculent cocktails for my friends.
Black and white photo of Guillaume Hansart, Founder and CEO of Rompe Mar, smiling and looking to the left with the distillery visible in the background.


Managing Partner & COO 
What motivates you at Rompe Mar? Working for myself and with a dynamic team are huge motivational factors. Selling and creating the strategy to take over the distillate market is of course also inspiring… 
 Favourite pisco cocktail? Chilcano & Pisco Negroni. 
What do you like to do in your free time? Traveling, music, sewing, drawing, and spending hours tanning while reading a good book – even though I remain the palest of the whole team. And of course, I love spending some quality time with friends & family around a tasty Rompe Mar cocktail. 
Black and white portrait of Caroline Moreau, Managing Partner and COO of Rompe Mar, in front of closed shop bars.


Managing Partner & CFO 
What motivates you at Rompe Mar? Supporting a new generation of motivated and talented entrepreneurs with my experience and a kind of wisdom is the main drive of my involvement in Rompe Mar
 Favourite pisco cocktail? Actually, I don’t drink strong alcohol… so my favorite cocktail is a mix of enthusiasm, efficiency, collaboration and tenacity
What do you like to do in your free time? Trekking, gardening, participating in social and environmental activities, and visiting my children.
Black and white portrait of Jean-Yves Hansart, Managing Partner and CFO of Rompe Mar, with a big smile on his face.


What motivates you at Rompe Mar? My main motivation is quality, I strive for quality in everything I do. Distributing a very high quality spirit just feels good.
 Favourite pisco cocktail? Pisco Punch.
What do you like to do in your free time? Adventure is the number one priority! I sail in summer, paraglide in spring, travel to uncharted roads in winter and spearfish in autumn.
Black and white photo of Pietro Ciuffini holding a box of Rompe Mar with several other packages visible in the background.