Rompe Mar Pisco: Sailing into New Horizons with an iconic Bottle

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Rompe Mar iconic bottle pisco distillate
 As we embark on an exciting journey to penetrate the European market, we unveil a brand-new bottle that marries our brand’s cherished heritage with a fresh, contemporary twist.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our new bottle exudes a contemporary feel while paying homage to the brand’s origins. This bottle was carefully designed as to reflect the essence of the deep blue sea that has inspired Rompe Mar’s name.
A nod to the sea
The first striking element of this new bottle is the wave-like dent carved into the neck. This unique feature invokes the rolling waves of the ocean, a source of inspiration for us since the inception of our brand. The ocean’s influence is further evident in the overall shape of the bottle, which mirrors the elegant form of a billowing sail. This design element captures the spirit of adventure and exploration that drives Rompe Mar Pisco to conquer new markets.
Resembling the seabed
Beneath the bottle, you’ll find a heavy bottom that mimics the seabed’s solidity. This tactile and visual element serves as a reminder of the deep roots and the solid foundation on which our brand has been built. It symbolizes the strength and authenticity that lies beneath the surface.
Iconic Medusa
Rompe Mar Pisco has retained its iconic gold medusa, an emblem of the brand’s heritage and a symbol of quality. The medusa is now placed on the bottle through serigraphy, ensuring a seamless connection between the past and present. The medusa is just like our pisco. It is enchanting, but, just like pisco, if you have too many drinks, it can sting too…
Gold and Purple Label:
The bottle retains our brand’s signature label with its opulent gold and regal purple colors. It was important to us to retain the essence of our brand and stay true to our origins when designing the new bottle.
A new bottle for new horizons
With the introduction of this contemporary bottle, we’re  setting sail for new horizons in the European market. The design of the bottle combines the sea’s influence, our brand’s origins, and an obsession for beauty. It embodies the spirit of exploration and adventure that is at the core of Rompe Mar Pisco’s philosophy. As you savor the contents within, you’ll not only experience the exceptional quality of the pisco but also the story of a brand that has evolved while staying true to its roots. With this bottle, we aim to redefine the traditional spirit bottle, delivering a unique and memorable experience to aficionados both old and new.