pisco production in Lunahuana, Peru.
 As the proud crafters of Rompe Mar Pisco, produced in the enchanting region of Lunahuaná, Peru, I invite you to join me on a deeper exploration of the intricate process behind our exceptional Pisco. The Rompe Mar story, like many Pisco distilleries, is a journey filled with passion, tradition, and a profound connection to the land.
1. Harvest (End February, Early March)
In the vineyards of Lunahuaná, where Rompe Mar’s journey begins, we closely monitor the growth of our exceptional grape varietals. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque valley, our vineyards are blessed with a microclimate that yields grapes of unrivaled quality. As the Southern Hemisphere’s late summer approaches, our expert team hand-selects only the finest Quebranta and Italia grapes. These grapes, kissed by the Peruvian sun, hold the promise of the exquisite Pisco that is to come. The harvesting period occurs in late February to early March
2. Destemming
Once our precious grapes are harvested, they are transported to our Rompe Mar distillery. Here, our master craftsmen painstakingly separate the grapes from their marcs and stalks, ensuring that only the pure essence of the grapes makes its way into our production process. This meticulous attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Rompe Mar Pisco.
3. Maceration & Fermentation
At Rompe Mar, the magic truly unfolds as the grapes and marcs are combined in our fermentation tanks. We allow them to macerate for a full 10 hours, allowing the grape skins to impart their distinct flavors and aromas into the liquid. This is where the spirit of Rompe Mar is born. After maceration, the marcs are removed, and the liquid is left to ferment for a period of 12 to 15 days, allowing the natural sugars within the grapes to transform into alcohol. It’s during this time that we cultivate the essence of Lunahuaná in every drop of Rompe Mar.
4. Distillation
Our Rompe Mar Pisco, with its deeply ingrained connection to Lunahuaná, undergoes distillation in our traditional copper stills. These stills, handcrafted with care, are where the artistry of Pisco-making takes place. Only the “heart” of the distillate is retained, representing the purest, most flavorful essence of our exceptional grapes. The “head” and “tail” are meticulously discarded, ensuring that only the finest liquid is destined for the Rompe Mar bottle.
5. Rest
After distillation, Rompe Mar Pisco embarks on a transformative journey of rest. This essential period, lasting approximately three months, allows our Pisco to evolve and reach its full potential. The flavors and aromas mature and harmonize during this time, giving Rompe Mar its distinctive character. The aggressive notes soften, making way for a well-balanced and harmonious final product that proudly represents Lunahuaná and the heart of our brand.
In closing, Rompe Mar Pisco is a testament to the dedication, tradition, and passion that go into every bottle. Produced in the idyllic region of Lunahuaná, it captures the essence of the land and the spirit of the people.  Whether enjoyed in a classic Pisco Sour or cherished neat, Rompe Mar stands as a true representation of Peruvian craftsmanship. Cheers to the pisco journey from vineyard to glass !